Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fish Farming: A Great Way To Make A Living

Fish farming is known as aquaculture and involves raising fish for commercial purposes in enclosures or tanks, often for food. This aquaculture can also be defined as releasing young fish into the water to supplement the numbers of a species or for recreational fishing.

Because there is an increase for fish and its protein, this endeavor appealing for many as a way to make a living. This source of income also offers fish marketers another source. The most widely used types of fish in fish farming are: salmon, catfish and tilapia.

To set up a fish farm, you first need to create a business plan and a marketing strategy and then seek out financial resources. Both are needed so you can find out what your start up needs will be and helpful when setting goals for your new venture.

Then, it is important to choose a business structure, obtain a business license and then register with local, state and federal agencies.

Next, you will need to decide on what kind of fish you want and if you want more than one category of fish. The next step is the most important. You will need to build a fish home. It must be a home that will be effective for the selection of fish you have. Some say one of the best ways to maintain a fish farm is by filtering in water from one main pump so that the temperature stays at the same level. It is also important to have enough land for your fish to swim in.

Your fish home should be built so that in one area you can have a breeding pond and in the other area you keep the fish you don't want to breed. The water must be kept clean, and it is important to keep your fish fed and to ensure that water is pumped in and out of the system.

Next, you will need to find a market. Check out any local stores that sell fresh fish or find larger stores that you can ship you fish to.

The benefits of this endeavor are several such as your fish being much more nutritious than those found in a natural habitat and much healthier than those that have been exposed to dangerous pesticides. Another benefit is a very efficient way of making money.

To conclude this way of making money can be productive, healthy and a great way to keep our environment clean and healthy.

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