Friday, 23 November 2012

Koi Wellness - Typical Harmful bacteria and How to Cure Them

Keeping your koi totally exempt from illness is the aim of every koi owner. However it is unavoidable that at a while your koi will experience from illness insurance will need to be handled. The details here will provide a brief details to the most frequent circumstances koi experience from and the best way to deal with them.

In this content we will provide presenting the most frequent parasites that koi are vulnerable to.


It is almost difficult to keep your koi 100% totally exempt from all parasites. To a proper and balanced koi a few parasites will not cause any issue, but a bad koi or one that is kept in populated circumstances or low excellent water will be vulnerable to a parasite attack. The most frequent parasites that you will discover are costia, white-colored recognize, trichodina, chilodonella, flukes, core earthworms and carp head lice.

Common warning signs of a parasite attack are fin clamping, blinking or damaging, moving out of the water, unwanted mucous being created and gasping for air. Unfortunately there is no individual therapy which will be efficient against all parasites and apart from core earthworms and carp head lice which can be seen with the undressed eye, you will need to take a epidermis clean and use a microscopic lense to recognize which parasite you have so you can select the appropriate therapy. Most individuals will not have entry to a microscopic lense or may be unpleasant using one, however most koi traders will be more than satisfied to help. You will need to take one of your seafood along and the supplier will examine them for you. Needs to be it is useless getting a deceased seafood along to a supplier for any purpose, he is unlikely to be able to recognize anything that would be of any use.

Once you have determined the issue the therapy is easy to understand, you may need some precise machines to evaluate out some of the therapies as they may come in dust type.

    White Spot - treat with a formalin malachite mix, use a mix developed for use with koi and properly adhere to the producers details as to the amount, you need to provide 3 therapies due to the life-cycle of white-colored recognize. Enough time between each therapy will differ according to the temperature

    Costia - treat with blood potassium permanganate, again buy from a koi supplier and properly adhere to the amount instructions

    Chilodonella - treat with a formalin malachite mix, one therapy should be enough

    Trichodina - one amount of blood potassium permanganate

    Flukes - treat with flubendazole, you will need to buy from a koi supplier, again adhere to amount carefully

Do not be influenced to deal with your koi for parasites without understanding exactly what you are dealing with them for, over use of these therapies will create them less efficient later on. The purpose I have not mentioned suggested doses is that the medicines can be created to different strong points based on the maker, if you don't use enough you will not fix the issue and it may become more complicated to deal with later on and if you over amount you may damage or even destroy your koi.

The key to maintaining healthier koi is not to overcrowd as too may koi in a lake, no issue how excellent the narrow will cause to illness. Water excellent is key to healthier koi.

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